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WAKE UP BY JAMIE BOND! Video created compliments of Verses Open Mic cryoutnj

WAKE UP BY JAMIE BOND! Video created compliments of Verses Open Mic cryoutnj
WAKE UP ~ Verses video by Songwarrior Aj and Cry Out Nj

Say Word by Jamie Bond Video Compliments of zoebaraka


On 12/21/2010, patrons at Cry Out Ink's Grand finale of the Verses Open Mic Show were blessed to have some words of wisdom "rained" on them by Newark's own Jamie Bond.

Born and raised in Newark, NJ better known as Brick City; She's seen a lot, done more and always finds humor in life

Jamie Bond goes by many names but that's what YOU will call her, "The government has enough info on me", she says ... :)

She's been creatively expressing herself since she was old enough to coo as a baby. She's a life coach, a daughter, sister, aunt, REAL friend, a wife, a mother, and a true Virgo!

She says; "I love to laugh but I'm gonna smile regardless"

When asked what her interests were she said; "I'm most interested in life and living every second of it Always in ALL WAYS"

Stating that she's a motivated loner... She's educated, multi talented and drama free Jamie admits she has a weakness for animals and is extremely family oriented

Jamie has always had a love for spoken word and poetry, she's quoted as saying; "I'd like to think that things that come from the heart are not just poetry or deep thoughts it's a little more than that... they are tuneless songs and if the right music is in your head then you'll feel me"

WAKE UP!! by Jamie Bond Video Compliments of zoebaraka :)


Compliments of zoebaraka

Ms. Jamie Bond graces us at verses with her words and poise. This is a powerful piece that every man and woman anywhere in the world must hear/watch/listen. Watch out for the rest of this beautiful piece in due course.

And don't forget folks, to hear more, please visit us at 45 Halsey Street, Newark this and every Tuesday at 7pm.


WAKE UP!! by Jamie Bond